Election season is almost over, but we need a strong finish on Tuesday to ensure an honest and fair election occurs here in Texas! Up and down the ballot, Republican victories are at stake and we cannot let critical polls go ‘un-watched’.

As a poll watcher you will be trained and equipped with the knowledge you need to work a poll location near you. In exchange for your time, you will be 1099 compensated with a payment for $150 for the day...Tuesday 7a-7p. Ideally you can work the entire day, but if you can work at least half of the day, that would work too.

Spots are limited, so complete the form below now to get on the team! Use this opportunity to match purpose with pay and ensure that we don’t let this election slip away due to foul play. 

Once the form below is completed you will receive an email with details on how to join our training conference call to discuss details and get you on board! Thank you!!

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